Gold Glitter Circle Keychain

Ooh! Our Sparkly Heart Keychain sublimation blanks are glittery! 3 1/2" long and 2 3/8" wide. Each features a sparkly side and then a white sublimation ready side with high quality stitching. Vegan leather. Silver round key ring. 

Sublimation Directions:

*385 degrees for 45 seconds

Always cover any item you press with butcher blow-out paper first!

* Protect or remove the round metal key ring. Protect the black key ring hanger from melting by covering it separately with heat tape or butcher paper.
* IMPORTANT: Pre-press these keychains for 10 seconds first!
* Make your image slightly larger than your keychain and use heat tape to attach your artwork.
* Press with the white side up and the sparkly side down.
* 385 for 45 seconds.
* Remove artwork while still hot.  


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